Alex Tissandier

Tissandier Web Development was started by Alex Tissandier. Alex has been building and running websites since his early teens, and his practical experience covers every aspect of how websites work.

Starting with the old standards of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, he soon found his specialisation in the overwhelmingly popular WordPress platform. While WordPress development has always provided the mainstay of his work, these days he prefers the "back end", behind-the-scenes side of web development: server management, site optimisation, security, and SEO.

Outside of the web, Alex is an active contributor to academic philosophy. In 2008 he won a scholarship from the University of Warwick to complete a PhD on the metaphysics and mathematics of the German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz, finally acheiving his doctorate in early 2014. He is currently in the process of publishing his first book with Edinburgh University Press.

His interest in both philosophy and web development are linked by a strong capacity for problem-solving and a passion for understanding complex systems.

A Reliable, Expert Team

Tissandier Web Development works closely with a small, trusted group of agencies and freelancers to provide a complete range of expertise.

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