Peace of Mind

Our Managed Hosting Service provides the reassurance that your website is safely in expert hands.


Security is the most important consideration for any WordPress website. WordPress runs around 25% of the web, and as a result it's a prime target for hackers and malicious scripts. If your site is not kept secure and up to date then it’s only a matter of time before it is hacked.

The consequences of hack can be devastating for a small business: a hacked website could lead to your domain being blacklisted, which damages your business’s reputation and causes the emails you send to disappear into spam folders.

We specialise in keeping WordPress sites locked down and secure. This involves keeping everything up to date and ensuring newly discovered security vulnerabilities are fixed. It also involves taking active measures to deter the various methods used by hackers to discover vulnerable websites.


Your site will reside on our powerful, UK-based servers.

You will never be competing with other sites for server resources, which ensures your users will always be able to access your website as quickly as possible. 40% of visitors abandon a website if it doesn't load within three seconds. A fast website provides an improved experience and keeps your visitors (and Google!) happy.


We constantly monitor your website to make sure it’s up and running as it should be. You can rest assured that problems will be detected and fixed before your users even notice.


A complete backup of your website is taken every day.

If something breaks, or if you accidentally delete important data, we can quickly roll your site back to a previously working version.

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DNS and Email Hosting

We can do more than just host your website.

We can also manage your domain’s DNS records, and host your email.

“We see Alex as an extension of our company, as opposed to just a supplier. He hosts the Littlefish Creative websites and the sites of all of our clients and has done since January 2015 with no major issues occurring during this time. We really appreciate the peace of mind that comes from Alex hosting our websites as we’re confident we’re getting a professional, reliable and robust service which is essential to our business.”
Matthew Glover
Littlefish Creative

“In 2014 our websites were severely compromised over a weekend. Alex was able to step in and salvage the sites, and he’s since been hosting all of our sites without any further security problems.”
Adrian Marsh
Campbell Marsh Communications

“Alex has been hosting the Newsline website, as well as websites for some of our clients, since June 2015. The sites have always performed reliably and we’ve never had any issues.”
Peter Robinson
Newsline PR


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